hot athletes    
hot athletes

this blog is dedicated to the hot olympics competitors.


looking for a partner to run this blog!

ok, you already know that i’m from israel,

so the reason i’m not here a lot is because i started to serve in the army before almost a month,

and i don’t see my house a lot so…

i need a partner to run this blog when i’m in the army..

so if you think you can run this blog with me send me a message,

p.s - you must know photoshop in a good level, not in a super amazing level but in a good level.

so i’ll check only people that knows photoshop.

thanks and have a nice day! :) x

216/∞ hot athletes:

→ aliya mustafina - russia - gymnastics artistic.

Anonymous asked: Aliya Mustafina? (Russia - Artistic Gymnastics)

sure :)

215/∞ hot athletes:

→ ashton eaton - usa - track and field.

Anonymous asked: Can you do Ashton Eaton please:).

sure :)

214/∞ hot athletes:

→ jack laugher - uk - diving.

learningto-breathe asked: Jack Laugher, british diver :3 amazing tumblr, btw.

sure, and thanks :)

home again (yay!) after almost… 3 weeks!

i’ll be back soon to make some edits, have a nice day! :) x

213/∞ hot athletes:

→ steven lewis - uk - pole vault.

Anonymous asked: Steven Lewis, a GBR pole vaulter?

ok :)